Personable and fun learning

I thoroughly enjoyed the Cafeconclase with Adela. She is very personable and makes learning fun. As a novice Spanish speaker I was able to learn many of the basics to integrate into our Sevilla community. Adela explains the necessary grammar as well as the colloquialisms that make you feel comfortable in your new home. She is very flexible with scheduling and is wonderful at providing class notes and work exercises to check your progress. I would highly recommend this class for anyone desiring to explore or improve their language skills. The complimentary coffee isn’t bad either. ?

Steve White - American

I would definitely recommend taking a class with her

Adela is a great teacher. I really enjoyed our classes while I was in Seville. As I was leaving Spain and had not yet finished the classes I paid for, Adela proposed doing the classes with Skype which worked out well. I would definitely recommend taking a class with her when you can and I will very likely book more classes with her.

Yetunde - France

It has helped me greatly to be able to integrate in day to day living here in Sevilla

My husband and I just finished our second set of classes with Adela. I am so happy we took the classes! We are Americans who moved to Sevilla after living in France for 5 years and had no knowledge of Spanish. Although I still mix up the 2 languages from time to time, I really learned a lot. I know many basic words and phrases now and can get by in short conversations. It has helped me greatly to be able to integrate in day to day living here in Sevilla. Not only is she a great teacher but she is very friendly and fun to work with. She teaches Spanish using a variety of different tools in a low stress way. She also taught us a lot about the city and daily life and customs here. Although we had to go from our cafe classes to online classes because of the pandemic, it still worked out very well. We are taking the summer off to practice what we have learned but will start again in the fall. If you are in need of a Spanish teacher, especially if English is your first language, I highly recommend taking classes with Adela and Cafe Con Classe.

Kathleen White - USA and France

Someone you’d be happy to sit and have a coffee with anytime!

Adela is such a good teacher. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She was inventive with classes and taught in a clear and fun way. I learned lots from her and she explained any questions I had really well and would always find a way of explaining things so I understood. As well as being a great teacher she is so lovely and great company – someone you’d be happy to sit and have a coffee with anytime!

Emily - Scotland

Adela is brilliant

Adela is brilliant and has a knack for creating an environment that makes learning Spanish highly enjoyable. I would HIGHLY recommend studying with Adela and Café con Clase

Alec - Canada

Fantastic and very interactive

Fantastic and very interactive. Responds to students needs with creative lessons and applicable vocabulary and language scenarios. Highly recommended!

Michelle - Spain

Incredibly patient, thoughtful and always full of great energy!

I was so fortunate to study Spanish with Adela, she is incredibly patient, thoughtful and always full of great energy! She really helped prepare for DELE B2 exam, greatly improved my grammar and conversational skills. The lessons were always tailored to what I needed and flexible around when I needed them. I highly recommend her as a teacher!

Rugile Paleviciute - Lithuania

My Spanish has really improved

I strongly recommend taking Spanish classes with Adela! I had both group and individual classes with her and my Spanish has really improved. Her positive energy is greatly contagious and will make you feel at ease from the very first class. Classes are dynamic and mostly based around conversations – which is different from what a lot of other academies offer and so much more useful when you want to actually speak a language! Adela provides content that is tailored to your needs and adapt to the areas you’d like to improve. She cares about her students and the work she does, and she’d go the extra mile to support your progresses. Strongly recommended! ¡Muchas gracias Adela!

Annette - France

I recommend her!

I enjoyed my classes with Adela very very much. I recommend her!
Benny - Canada

I would recommend classes here to anyone

They appreciate that language needs to be brought into the real world, not just read from a textbook. I have tried various different types of classes and have found cafe con clase to be the best. I would recommend classes here to anyone, classes reflect the students interests as they always go the extra mile to make concepts relatable. Also, the price is great!

Siobhan - Scotland

My kids just love Adela

Adela and Cafe con Clase have been my kids’ Spanish tutor for 9 months now, and my kids just love Adela. She has a way of making Spanish fun, and my kids always look forward to seeing her at class. They have learned so much Spanish from Adela, and far more than they learn in their regular school. Adela speaks Spanish to my kids the entire time, and the kids are really challenged to use their Spanish the whole hour, which is great. We miss seeing Adela in person, but the virtual classes have been just as effective for my kids. Thank you, Adela!

AD - Colorado, USA


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